THEA 520 A & B Period Styles for Theater            Tuesday-Thursday        11:00-12:15    


Dr. Ronald Naversen                Comm 2030                 453-3076           

Kathryn Wagner                       Comm 2238                 453-7584           


Description and Objectives:

This 2 semester course is a survey and exploration of the architecture, furniture, decoration and costume of the Mesopotamian period to the 20th Century. We will explore the economic, religious, social, and political forces that affect costume, furniture, decoration, & architectural development providing a basic appreciation and foundation for the design of modern drama. We actively encourage research of primary sources including museums, libraries, costume archives, etc.


Required Reading:

Survey of Historic Costume by Tortora and Eubanks

Art History by Marilyn Stokstad

Study Sheets (distributed in class)


Suggested Reading:

History of Costume by Blanche Payne

The Styles of Ornament by Alexander Speltz

The Handbook of Ornament by Franz Mayer

Period Style for the Theatre by Douglas Russell


Period Topics:

First Semester





            Etruscan & Roman                  

            Early Christian & Byzantine      


            Romanesque & Middle Ages   

            Gothic (French, English, Italian)

            Early Renaissance

Second Semester

            Late Renaissance (Italian, French, English)

            Baroque (Italian, French, English)

Neoclassical (French, English, Italian)

Rococo (French, English)

American (Colonial & Federal)


Victorian (Early & Late)

Modernism (20th century)



20% Resource book/style journal         

30% 6 Quizzes

20% Research Poster Session  

30% Final Exam


Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform the assignments required for this class are encouraged to inform the instructors at the beginning of the semester.  The instructors will adapt the class for these individuals as necessary.  The instructors reserve the right to alter the course content to benefit the class.