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"Joseph J. Musil and the Salon of Theatres" A brief introduction to the magic of a unique and talented designer & friend. Theatre Design & Technology, Spring 2004. (Acrobat PDF format)

"Design Without Borders: The Japanese Exhibition" A look at the Japanese offering at the 2003 Prague Quadrennial Theatre Design & Technology, Fall 2003. (Acrobat PDF format)

"Learning to Carve Masks in Bali" An account of my experiences in Bali learning mask making from a local master. Theatre Design & Technology, Winter 2004. (Acrobat PDF format). For an HTML version of a longer article with additional illustrations see my mask page

"The Man With a Thousand Faces" by Marilyn Davis: An article on my mask-making activities that appeared in SIU's Perspectives Magazine, Fall 2003.

"Scenographic Distance" This is a paper I presented at the International Federation of Theater Research (IFTR) in Krakow, Poland in 2001. It was subsequently published in their Tradition and Innovation in Theater Design . (Acrobat PDF format).

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